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Untitled (Uura)

In recent years, Perth based Martu artist Curtis Taylor has emerged as one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

PICA is pleased to present his first solo exhibition, Untitled (Uura), which brings together multiple streams of his practice including sculpture, installation and film.

Untitled (Uura) presents work made over a two-year period of exploration as Taylor worked with new materials and processes of making, finding new forms through which to tell stories and record language. This period of practice marks a departure from his first medium of film and presents a series of carved sculptures and site-specific installations and paintings.

Curated by PICA Curator Charlotte Hickson, Untitled (Uura) explores the artist’s self and how language, knowledge and persistent memories dwell within and re-surface across generations. Taylor’s work asserts narratives of cultural and personal identity, creating immersive spaces occupied by language and ritual that explore the edges of life and death.