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TOD Talks

Comedians try and convince us they’re experts. It’s terrible ideas, improvised.

TOD Talks invites five comedians to give a captivating presentation on a topic they know nothing about. With the support of a slide show they have never seen and props that make no sense. Can they convince us they are experts and b**shit their way to fame and glory? Probably not, but it’s sure to be hilarious.
Returning for its fifth season at the Perth Fringe and second year at the State Theatre Centre of WA, TOD Talks has become a beloved staple of the Perth Fringe Festival.
Its home-grown puns, presentations, props and improvised absurdity is a must see for anyone who loves laughter, quick wits and a bar graph.
TOD Talks will have you clutching your sides in stitches and grateful you’re not the one getting on stage.
“Cringe-worthy to belly laughing brilliance in just moments” ★★★★★ - Fringefeed, 2020
"Masterpiece of a comedy show" ★★★★ - Dircksey, 2019