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The Listies - Makes Some Noise!

The Listies - Makes Some Noise!


An insane mixtape of silly songs, stupid sketches and crazy clowning.

For over a decade, the award-winning Listies have toured the world doing shows for literally gazillions of kidults - that’s kids and their adults. Now it’s your turn.

Make Some Noise! is a comedy concert for humans aged 4-400. Join the maestros of mirth Rich and Matt, as they belt out a bunch of songs with the LOLs turned up to 11.

Will they be in tune? Almost. In time? Not quite. In order? Definitely. Can Rich dance? Let’s find out.

It’s a party for your ears, and they are invited! Hilarious and fabulous fun for the whole family!

The Listies’ Teleportaloo book series, published by Penguin, is available in all bad bookshops, and you can find these and their musical owl bums at

Presented by The Listies and State of Play