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The Hive

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's The Hive presented by Go for 2&5.
Calling all working bees, drones and nurse bees, your Queen awaits!
There is a buzz alround the hive and we need busy worker bees to please the Queen. She needs flowers made with delicious pollen so fruit can be made!
Join our beekeepers for a hive of crafty activity. A busy bee of making, flying and playing in this immersive, interactive journey from flower to pollination!
Only bees on their best bee-haviour will get to go ti the Hive to see the Queen Bee and do the waggle dance.
You are guaranteed to get a buzz out of it!
This is a FREE event!
Produced by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
Presented by Go for 2&5
Created by Leon Hendroff
Directed by Philip Mitchell
Music performance by Nick-Pages Oliver and Amberly Cull
Composed by Robert Woods
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    Event Showings

    2 -7 October 2023, 10am -2pm each day Urban Orchard

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    Free event

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    Perth Cultural Centre

    Cnr James and William Street

    Perth WA 6000

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    Wheelchair access