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The Cosmology Concert

International composer-violinist Rupert Guenther takes us on an epic journey in space and time, to discover that we are not here on earth looking up, with all these stars and galaxies “out there” above us - rather that we and our planet and solar system are just shining specks in deep space just as all the other star systems are.

We are ourselves “out there”, and are very much a part of “out there”. Using electric violin and live electronic looping, Rupert Guenther turns the violin into a astonishing vehicle for his art, evoking through sound and music an extraordinary picture of the cosmos and our momentary place in it, from the very origins of time to futuristic visions of the night skies.

Featuring as a live music performance with a large screen experience of beautiful astro-photography images of the constellations and their relationship to the Earth, taken by some of the world’s best astro-photographers.

Photo: copyright Wayne Riley
Photo © Wayne Riley Photo © Wayne Riley
Photo © Wayne Riley
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    16 February 2023 | 6pm

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    Perth Cultural Centre

    Perth WA 6000