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The Champagne Chronicles Chapter 7 - Celebrating Champagne for Global Champagne Day

Here at Mayfair Lane, the opening of a letter is a good enough excuse for us to pop a bottle of bubbles, so on Global Champagne Day we’ll be popping them left, right and centre!


Join our Sommelier Foni Pollitt on Thursday 21st October, for Chapter 7 of The Champagne Chronicles, as she takes you on a stroll around the region of Champagne. She’ll be celebrating both the old and the new, some classic drops and new kids on the block, helping navigate the nuances of this exquisite terroir. 


You’ll try 8 Champagnes hand selected by Foni, including grower Champagnes from Vouette et Sorbee and Cedric Bouchard amongst others, and finish off with big wines from a couple of the iconic houses - a splash of Bollinger R.D anyone?!


As always there will be snacks from the Mayfair Lane kitchen, and a whole lot of storytelling and bubbly fun.



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    Thursday 21 October, 6pm

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    72 Outram Street

    West Perth WA 6005

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