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Strategic Career Management presents FLOURISH

Equip yourself with skills to amplify your voice, convey your value, and influence authentically.

Genuine equity and diversity of thought is essential within organisation's. To get there, women in leadership roles must amplify their voice to change the dynamic. And those moving towards leadership roles must be prepared to contribute with impact.

Women are striving to be seen and heard in the workplace but they’re still being interrupted, repeating themselves multiple times, and watching their ideas be reiterated by louder voices who then take credit.

It’s frustrating, and frankly, a ridiculous waste of talent and kneecapping progress within organisation's and society. The established system has existed for too long and it won’t fix itself.

Our mission is to see change happen. It starts with EMPOWERING you to connect to your VALUE, your AUTHENTICITY, and your VOICE.

In this ground-breaking 3-day intensive, you’ll learn, implement and integrate key skills you can rely on to make the most impact.

You’ll learn to:

  •   Align your mind, body and voice 
  •   Utilise your voice.  Be heard the first time, without pushing or repeating yourself 
  •   Uncover your unique leadership strengths, style and values
  •   Explore how you’re perceived by others
  •   Influence authentically - key to building true diversity of thought 
  •   Effectively communicate your value and ideas
  •   Identify your advocates to gain the support you need
  •   Advocate for the women in your communities

Over 3 days, you’ll equip yourself with these skills and put them into practice within a safe, supportive environment.

Return to work ready to use your voice and change the leadership dynamics for the future.

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    Event Showings

    23-25 November, 9am - 5.30pm.

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    3 Barrack Street

    Perth WA 6000

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