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Revelation - Navigating Finance, Markets and Release

Revelation - Navigating Finance, Markets and Release

As the national and international acquisition and distribution landscape continues to reshape itself in a volatile and dynamic environment, filmmakers and producers must continually shift focus in developing new strategic approaches to market and business relationships.

A significant question in surviving this landscape is understanding how these markets and acquisitions directions are changing at their base. While filmmakers grapple with these unpredictable changes amongst distributors and buyers, the markets and festivals themselves are grappling with their relationship to audiences, legacy structures and an accelerated sector.
Where do these ongoing industry shifts leave the producer and screen artist and how can they best approach the market and what tools and relationships do they need to equip themselves with in providing their project the best chance of survival in the hurly-burly of release.
In this session we’ll hear the secret information from the experts and in ways that potentially may save yourself a lot of time and money.
Panelists Feature:
  • Nicholas Hayes : Head of Acquisitions and Theatrical, Umbrella Entertainment
  • Julie Ryan: Producer, Cyan Films
  • Chair: Richard Sowada, Director Revelation & St Kilda Film Festivals
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    5 July | 2 – 3:30pm

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    Free Ticketed event

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    4 Walker Avenue

    West Perth WA 6005