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Presented by Enneagon Movement and State of Play as part of FRINGE WORLD Festival 2022

What colour is pleasure? Can you feel it on your skin? Does pleasure come from inside out or outside in?  

Pursuit is a contemporary dance piece inspired by the experience and pursuit of pleasure.
It is a feel-good work that will make you want to get up and dance, reminisce on nostalgic memories, all while questioning the ways in which you, and the society around you, pursues pleasure.
“Pursuit is a wave of emotions performed beautifully by dancers with range so fluid it captivates every one of your senses ... The anecdotes woven in were funny or relatable and added to the storyline perfectly. The dancing and the music really were exclusive to each other. By the time Pursuit ended, it was unbelievable to think the time had passed so quickly. This is a must see.” ★★★★½ - Fringefeed 2021