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Kind Regards, Michelle Aitken

Michelle is an artist, an email enthusiast, and queen of the side-hustle.

Perpetually on the hunt for the next funny gig, she’s been a banquet waiter, a dog sitter, and on the bottom rung of a pyramid scheme.


Everything is fine! Until an unattainable dream job and a stream of un-answered messages from her dad threaten to ruin everything, and maybe even burn the city of Perth to the ground.
Join your protagonist Michelle Aitken on an enthusiastic downward spiral through tall stories and big dreams, towards some hard truths about trying to grow up when you’re already meant to be grown.
From the award-winning team behind Future’s Eve, don’t miss this new solo show with a lot of heart and big chaotic energy.
Hope you can make it!
Kind regards, 
Michelle Aitken
"What Melbourne Fringe has been craving - confronting, cheeky, rough, innovative and raw” - Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review