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KickstART 2023 Closing Party

KickstART 2023 Closing Party

Youth Week WA KickstART Festival 2023 finishes off with an evening of free live music, dancing and games at the Art Gallery of WA Rooftop on Friday April 21!

Headlining will be Anesu, known for their catchy & political hip hop stylings, so you better be ready to join the party. We’ll also be welcomed by pop diva Siena Robelo, R&B queen Princess Khanya, experimental jazz hardware collective The Present and alt pop punk four-piece Foothead.
Filling the gaps, keeping it going and closing us out will be local DJ legends @sepsaay and @___nafta from Netwerxx.
The Closing Party Line Up:

  • Anesu @anesuafrica
  • Princess Khanya @pkthebaddest
  • Siena Robelo @sienarebelo
  • The Present @thepresentmusic
  • Foothead @footheadperth
  • Netwerxx DJs @netwerxx
RSVP using this link! Check out the FULL PROGRAM on KickstART Festival website to see what else is going on.
ID: Image is a close-up framed photo of a performer looking away, they are brightly lit with pink and yellow lights whilst playing guitar. (Image credit: Danica Zuks)