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JULIA is a powerful and gripping solo dance theatre work by one of Australia's leading contemporary dancers, Natalie Allen, co-created in partnership with some of WA’s leading women artists.

In the lead up  to  the ten year anniversary of her iconic misogyny speech in parliament, JULIA is a our response to Julia Gillard’s experience as PM and her legacy, to the wider culture of #MeToo, and the frustration we feel as we read, see, hear and experience sexism and misogyny, discrimination and violence. JULIA is a force for action in raising awareness, calling for change, recognising we are “all entitled to a better standard than this”, and we are all part of making it happen.

Join us for a short conversation between our most fascinating women leaders before each show.

“World class performer Natalie Allen transforms. She is no longer Julia Gillard, she’s not that woman, she’s every woman, powerful and defiant.” OUTInPerth