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Jamie Mykaela: FLOOZY

Jamie Mykaela: FLOOZY

The long-awaited return of Australia's prodigal daughter of cabaret. Jamie Mykaela is coming home. Post-pandemic and all grown up.

In the eyes of South West England, Jamie Mykaela is a big old tart, a floozy. A charlatan chanteuse with a taste for whiskey and getting down more often than a blow-up doll.

In Australia? She’s a prude. She’s uptight. She just doesn’t know how to have fun. Where’s the middle ground? Where’s the balance? Where is there a decent dive bar in Oxford?

The past year has been turbulent for ex-Perth comedy-cabaret icon Jamie Mykaela. Taking her punk sensibilities to the other side of the world has taken a lot of adjusting. Who knew a university town with such a rich (very white) history would be so sexless.

This is a story of how one woman with no mojo left home and made a whole city flustered without even trying.

"Phenomenal" ★★★★★ - Gutter Culture, 2020

"Comedy genius" - Daily Info Oxford, 2022

Presented by Jamie Mykaela and State of Play