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Island Welcome

Island Welcome engages a universalist approach to human rights and the capacity to extend gestures of welcome.

By practicing empathy and respect for what other cultures bring to a new country in the context of jewellery, there is a direct association with the relationship between the artefact and body to transmit meaning and an opportunity to convey compassion for those seeking asylum and new beginnings. The gentle activism is non-confrontational -  jewellery is offered as a gift for welcome and exchange.

It’s a powerful political statement about borders and about our responsibilities to displaced people.

Jane Bowden, Liv Boyle, Michelle Cangiano, Jess Dare, Anna Davern, Laura Deakin, Bin Dixon Ward, Nicky Hepburn, Kath Inglis, Pennie Jagiello, Inari Kiuru, Manon van Kouswijk, Sim Luttin, Vicki Mason, Belinda Newick, Lauren Simeoni, Lucy Simpson, Alice Whish, Melinda Young plus from Perth, Melissa Cameron, Sarah Elson, Sharyn Egan

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    Event Showings

    April 30 - May 21 2022
    Monday to Friday | 11am-4.30pm
    Saturday | 12-2.30pm

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    Free event

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    12 Aberdeen Street

    Perth WA 6000

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    ACROD Parking

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