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Improv DnD

The fantasy improv phenomenon is back!

Celebrating their sixth year at FRINGE WORLD, Improv DnD fuses the world’s most popular roleplaying game with improv comedy to bring you a show that’s different every single night.
Join our omnipotent Dungeon Master as they lead three hapless players on epic adventures, through trap-filled dungeons, and into completely improvised musical numbers.
Improv DnD is a fast-paced, shenanigan-filled show where great success and hilarious failure are just a dice roll away.
“A must-watch for those who have a love for improv, Dungeons and Dragons, or all of the above – 9/10” – Xpress Magazine
Improv DnD felt like a warm evening spent with old friends you haven’t seen in years” – Grok Magazine
Every night a new, self-contained adventure with different heroes and diverse storylines.
Our regular, beloved format – perfect for D&D novices and veterans alike.
THE CAMPAIGN (Jan 18-22)
One epic adventure played out over 5 nights – a FRINGE WORLD exclusive.
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