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Ignorance was Bliss

Ignorance was Bliss

Nostalgia lingers in the in-between space; a time in which we didn't exist but we feel we belong; an escape to a simpler time that once was.

Ignorance was Bliss is a contemporary dance piece of a window into the past, a depiction of a world that was once happier because it was filled with ignorance and innocence. We will transport you back to the 60s, where everyone was doing the twist, playing on the streets until dark and wouldn't even be able to fathom the concept of the 'internet'.

This piece is sentimental and warm, yet threaded with a comedic, whimsical spirit. We explore the feelings of love and loss, as we reminisce on the past and resurface memories of what once was. Come with us on our journey to remember our past and discover what it can teach us about ourselves today.

"I would recommend anyone to get along with an open mind and see just where this genre can take you." - 'Pursuit' by Enneagon Movement ★★★★½ Fringefeed, 2022

Presented by Enneagon Movement and State of Play