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HR for Good: Redesigning work for the better

Redesigning work for the better

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for change in many workplaces, with some enjoying unexpected benefits such as greater autonomy and a greater sense of equality as we are ‘all in this together'. Join us for a reflective session to explore how you can safely explore a new path for your organisation based on co-creation of future work practices. 

During the session we will:
  1. Explore key questions to help boost deep reflection on ways of working
  2. Identify ways to create deeper meaning and engagement at work
  3. Gain an understanding of how to use conversations to create change
  4. Develop new ideas for creating community at work
  5. Discover ways to create more meaningful work and a more resilient organisation through exploring effective techniques and approaches 

In our previous session with Tasha Broomhall of Blooming Minds we discovered Belonging was critical for employees at work and how co-creation is the most powerful way to help people be their best, particularly during challenging times. (Password: 0B^l31@l)

This virtual HR for Good workshop with Jeremy Scrivens will help us take the next step in exploring co-creation in greater detail.

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    Tuesday 28 July | 5.15pm | Online event

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    Free Ticketed event

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    Suite 19, 50 St Georges Terrace

    Perth WA 6000