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How to Ask for What You're Worth

How aware are you of your own self-worth and value in the current market and how confident are you to actually ask for what you're worth?

Remuneration is a crucial component of engagement because it’s not just a number; it’s an emotional measure reflecting how valued an employee feels by their employer. Even understanding the importance of this topic, most people are too afraid to initiate a remuneration review or even ask during a scheduled review.
When review time comes around, would you have the confidence to pitch your strengths and value to your manager or leadership team given the opportunity? Do you have the appropriate strategy to go in armed and ready to confidently ask for the pay rise you deserve?
WIDAC is proud to present the 'How to Ask for What You're Worth' networking event, where we will dive into this topic and leave you walking into your next review feeling prepared and empowered.
How to effectively outline your professional growth, increased skills and ongoing value to the business in a performance review setting or team appraisal is often a daunting task. Keeping your nerves under control and clearly articulating your worth under pressure is also no mean feat with all that practice in front of the mirror sometimes escaping you leaving you feeling anxious and exposed.
During this session, WIDAC will look at how employees can build the skills needed to negotiate with confidence and work towards better advocating for themselves and their entitlement to equal pay. You will be encouraged to reflect on what credentials and skills or other attributes you possess that ensure you are invaluable to your team. No matter where you are at in your career journey YOU will be empowered to know YOUR worth and value in the workplace.
When we truly own and appreciate our successes and who we are, we can change our internal narrative and negotiate from a place of confidence and strength. Our guest speaker Althea Papinczak will share her experiences, advice, and practical steps for attendees to take away and apply.
This is a proven roadmap to ensure that your next performance review will be your best one yet!
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    31 August 2022 | 5:30pm to 8:30pm

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    Central Park

    152-158 St Georges Terrace

    Perth WA 6000