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Makuru Slow TV: Celebrating the Season of Fertility in Perth’s Urban Heart.

The Noongar season of Makuru, represented by the colour dark blue, symbolises the rain and chilly weather characteristic of this period. During Makuru, the South West experiences its coldest and wettest months. Traditionally, this season was a favourable time to move back inland from the coast as the waterways and catchments began to fill. This ease of movement facilitated a shift in dietary sources from sea, estuarine, and lake foods to land-based provisions, particularly grazing animals like kangaroos.
In celebration of Makuru, the City of Perth Urban Screen showcases two slow television presentations, immersing the inner city in the colours and landscapes of the season. These presentations include “MAKURU TV,” a documentary capturing the serene changes in the landscape of Serpentine National Park in Gnaala Karla Boodja through the lens of slow TV. Additionally, “MAKURU SUNSET” follows the tranquil progression of a Makuru sunset over the Derbal Yaragan (Swan River) in Mosman Park.
The slow TV genre, known for its contemplative pace, offers viewers an unedited, real-time experience of life’s rhythms, presenting a peaceful alternative to the fast-paced narratives of mainstream media. It encourages viewers to relax and immerse themselves in the season’s inherent beauty.
Makuru-themed slow TV is featured daily throughout Goologoolup at the City of Perth’s Northbridge Piazza Superscreen and Forrest Place’s Arts Screen, celebrating the essence of Makuru. See the festival guide for screening times. (
About the screening
The Northbridge Piazza Screen hosts a variety of screenings, from formal events like feature films, complete with bean bag seating for viewers, to more casual gatherings for sporting events and exhibitions (such as this screening). Here, visitors can relax on the lawn, savour the renowned culinary delights of Northbridge, or enjoy a stroll along James Street, taking in the vibrant artwork. 
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    Daily July 7 - 25

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    Northbridge Piazza

    Cnr Lake and James Street

    Northbridge WA 6003

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