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Geraldine Hickey - Don't Tease Me About My Gloves

Geraldine Hickey - Don't Tease Me About My Gloves

Presented by Token Events and STATE OF PLAY

Seen on the 2023 Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala, Thank God You’re Here and Have You Been Paying Attention?
"I now wear gloves when it’s not cold enough to warrant wearing gloves because I have a thing called Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon/Syndrome. I had never heard of it, and not many other people have.
This show is just an opportunity to explain what Raynaud’s is to as many people at once, because doing it individually is a pain. Also, I’ll talk about other things I’ve had going on in the last year. Might yell a bit, in a passionate way, could you imagine me being aggressive?"
Winner – Melbourne Comedy Festival Award 2021
Winner – Piece of Wood Award, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019
Cements her as one of the festival’s feel-good champions.” - The Saturday Paper, 2023
★★★★ “Hickey is a Master.” - Time Out
★★★★★ The Age