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Delve into the cutting edge of creative cocktails with award winning bartender and avant garde spirits creator Dean Buchanan. Haiver Spirits is the brainchild of Buchanan, who combines an endlessly enquiring mind with a razor sharp palate to create fresh, modern beverages. 

In collaboration with chefs Chase Weber and Shane Middleton, fleur x Haiver will be a dinner not to be missed, with six courses of native-flecked delicacies and matching libations.

G&T -  Modern Classic Gin, pickled radish, lime, Botanical Gin, strawberry gum leaf, lemon
Confit chicken oyster, onion & horseradish gel
Swordfish belly, pickled karkalla, finger lime
Dashi mussel, mussel cream, Geraldton wax
River Mint - Haiver Botanical Gin, river mint, lemon thyme, verjuice, olive oil
Soused scampi, pine, paper bark, macadamia, burnt butter

Second Entrée
Earth - Patchouli, neroli, Haiver distilled Buddha’s hand, Champagne
Ocean trout, foie gras, buttermilk, Buddha hands, wasabi, lemon myrtle

Main Course
Dry aged duck breast, beetroot tartlet, pepperberry, rosella
Haiver Modern Classic gin, rhubarb wine, strawberry gum, Geraldton wax distillate, dry vermouth
Pre Dessert
Lemon aspen, yoghurt, mango
Mid Roast - Haiver Aricha, blood orange, Campari, smoked wattleseed
Black sesame, lychee, elderflower
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    Wed 2 Jun | 7pm

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    Fleur at The Royal

    531 Wellington Street

    Perth WA 6000