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Presented by Mark McDonald and STATE OF PLAY

Don your high-vis, grab a middy, and buckle up because the seatbelt light is on!
FIFO is an electrifying production that takes you deep into the world of Fly In/Fly Out mining. Follow five mining employees through one unforgettable ‘swing’ where hysterical laughter and deep reflection await.
Inspired by true events, FIFO examines the relationships of employees and their families, forming a subtle allegory of Australia’s long and tangled partnership with the resource sector. As we follow the cast on their exploits, we gain insight into the cost-to-benefit ratio of the FIFO lifestyle. Each character’s motivations and crutches are revealed, leading to intense conflict and mateship, in what seems to be a just another ‘swing’. Suddenly a fifth employee enters the fray, and she’s here to shake things… wait! It’s a woman?! On site!?!?
Showcasing some of Perth's most exciting talent, FIFO combines enthralling drama, explosive physical theatre and touching personal stories to leave audiences with much and more to dig into.