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Everything Flickers | A Promenade Theatre Show

Everything Flickers captures the fantastical, the frantic, the ridiculous, the flailing, failing hopeful lunacy of artists rehearsing a kinder story.

Everything Flickers is a performance created somewhere between wanting to change the world and wanting to make ends meet. It is a show trying to perform itself inside a theatre that lost its funding three years earlier, trying to tell a new story after ten years of relentless funding cuts and a government policy of cultural devaluation (helped in no small part by a global pandemic). Despite these obstacles, there is an extraordinary, perhaps foolhardy, ongoing- ness amongst communities of people still engaged in the radical project of envisioning better worlds.

Performers Clea Purkis, Nathan Calvert and William Gammel lead the audience through sculptural installations, multi-media worlds and paper stages, all the while trying, in stutters and starts, to tell you a story. In absurd, hilarious and heartfelt ways these ‘starving artists’ are determined to create something so perfect and profound it might just change the world. But mostly they are just making a mess.

Directed by Eliza Smith, Everything Flickers is the result of three years of development with WAAPA, pvi collective and PICA. On October 31st it will open on the same stage where its first iteration was held as a short work at the 2021 TILT season. The Blue Room Theatre has long been a haven for new, experimental and independent theatre. The expansive design of Everything Flickers invites audiences to see the beauty and resilience of the building, spilling into the corners and corridors often overlooked by theater-goers. It is a love letter to the spaces, places, people and stories which persist – flickering in the wake of cultural losses but never fading. In a cacophony of hope, failure and Tom Foolery, these artists ask one thing of their audience; think beautiful things, believe it was all like that.
Note: This performance will take place as though you are walking through an art gallery. There will be moments you can sit, stand and walk through the performance space at your leisure. Please wear comfortable footwear and clothing. There will be fixed seating for anyone who would prefer or needs to be seated for the duration of the performance. The Blue Room Theatre is a wheelchair accessible venue. 
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    Event Showings

    31 Oct -  4 Nov | 6:45pm
    7 - 18 Nov | 8pm

    All shows run Tue - Sat
    60 min run time

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    The Blue Room Theatre

    53 James Street

    Northbridge WA 6003

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