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Elliot's Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows

Presented by Elise Wilson & Christopher Moro and State of Play as part of FRINGE WORLD Festival 2022

When Elliot - a self-conscious and bookish eight year old - discovers that she can grow metre-long snot from her nose and wield it like a fifth appendage, she learns to use her newfound powers to solve playground problems and make new friends.
The booger flings out in rapid locomotion,
but what happens next is in slow motion.
From her nose, which now is sweaty,
a string of snot stretches, long like spaghetti.
It spans two metres, almost three,
creating a zipline from her nose to the tree.
This story - told by a chorus of characters, a swelling soundtrack and almost entirely in rhyme - Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot That It Grows promises a magical journey of image-based theatre and puppetry.
This is a theatre work for anyone who loves all things gross. Directed by Christopher Moro and written by Elise Wilson under the mentorship of Barking Gecko and the Australian Theatre for Young People’s Fresh Ink program, this play will have both children and adults squirming in their seats.