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Deep Heritage - Contemporary Art Exhibition

Deep Heritage is inspired by the work of 80 year old local geologist, Norman Harrison, who meticulously catalogues various rock found in Perth’s heritage buildings, dating and tracing them back to their origins. Perth city as we know it was almost built yesterday, yet its walls and foundations contain ancient rock, formed over deep time.
Cassie Lynch, Rebecca Orchard, Andrew Williams and Mei Swan Lim have come together to each translate their meaning of the phrase ‘Deep Heritage’. Lynch is in the business of decentralising and disorientating the colonial perception of Noongar Country. Her writing explores the narratives of geomorphology through the lens of Noongar culture, booting her readers off the space-time continuum into the every-when of Indigenous deep time. For Orchard, ‘rocks are records’. Her work takes pressings of rocks from their landscape, thus mapping them in time, recording and expressing those layers in clay and paper. Williams, enamoured with sandstone and recognising the material in stately and polished civic buildings around Perth city – provides a counterpoint to the Western-centric ideas of heritage. Lim’s textiles trace the records of of coral fossil patterns left in Tamala Limestone, the forms printed like a scroll to be read. The exhibition enquires into our geological inheritance and wonders how geology will record us, while we learn to situate ourselves within the future fold of a rock.
Deep Heritage is a contemporary art exhibition opening Friday 7 June at 6pm at Cool Change Gallery in Bon Marche Arcade, Barrack Street Perth. Take the stairs or lift to Level 1. Accessible and welcoming to all!

Please note whilst we have lift access, the doorway is currently only 68.5cm wide, the inside 115cm deep and 98cm wide. 
Our gallery doorways are 78cm wide.
Please contact us for more information or assistance accessing the space. 
0484 500 838
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    1F Bon Marche Arcade Building, 74-84 Barrack Street

    Perth WA 6000

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