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David Carson: Northbridge Flaneur

Walter Benjamin described the flâneur as the essential figure of the ‘modern urban spectator’.

In Northbridge Flaneur, David Carson takes us from urban spectators of Northbridge down a digital rabbit hole as time stretches and the visual landscape morphs into fields of colour and shape, at the same time familiar and alien.
Northbridge Flaneur is an exciting new digital work by Perth artist David Carson, developed especially for the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen. Footage from the site and surrounding area becomes the starting point for this work, exemplifying Carson’s style of video work which uses digital abstraction and time manipulation to create fascinating video works.
This incredible site-specific work was developed as an en plein air work in conjunction with the collaborative exhibition About Time, that David Carson is presenting with Vicky Ames at Gallery Central, 25 March – 22 April.
“At heart Carson is a landscape painter, keen to map out terrain in new and exciting ways. He immerses himself not only in the topography of a selected area, but more importantly in the history of the place. His works reveal layers of meaning from the transitory nature of the space, to the metamorphosis of the vista through the passing of time and altering weather conditions. Line, colour and shape, constantly blur, writhe and distort as he processes light using a myriad of visual tricks to re-present the familiar as something new and intriguing.”
-Dr Phil Mouldcliff
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    Event Showings

    25 March - 22 April 2022 | 7:30pm-8pm

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    Free event

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    Northbridge Piazza

    Cnr Lake and James Street

    Northbridge WA 6003

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