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Cupid - The Improvised Dating Show

Cupid - The Improvised Dating Show

Love Island? Bachelor in Paradise? 'Tis the season of looking for love.

Fresh from its world premiere in Singapore, Cupid comes to FRINGE WORLD for its Australian debut. In this improvised dating show, no one knows how it ends. Will there be true love or broken hearts? Tune in this summer for mayhem, betrayal and romance.

Cupid puts an improvised spin on the best elements of reality dating shows. Meet contestants (of your creation) and watch the chaos unfold as they try to find true love. Heartbreak is inevitable, jealousy is guaranteed and there can only be one winner. Whether you’re rooting for romance or bromance, you’ll get your love-fix. 

Critics are calling it ‘high art’ and ‘a must see for everyone who believes they are cultured’. We’re kidding - like all reality shows, it is absolute trash. 

Hardly planned and barely scripted… no two nights are the same at this improvised show!

Presented by ADK Productions and State of Play