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Cloud & Cyber Security Digital Skills Series - Endorsed by Curtin University

Cloud Architecture and Cyber-Security

Module two of the premier 12 Week Digital Skills Series - Endorsed by Curtin University During this module, students will be planning, evaluating, and implementing the key concepts and services offered by the three major cloud hosting providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud. Students will construct virtual machines, databases and object storage repositories as well as a consolidated assembly of the various cloud services to form a holistic solution. Further work on container orchestration services, Kubernetes, and the use of Load Balancers and Auto-Scaling will be covered.

Furthermore, students will evaluate the importance of Cyber-security, and investigate the technical and non-technical foundations of security principles as well as practical security in the cloud. Lastly, students will develop and challenge a capture the flag scenario with red and blue team attack and defence exercises with security retrospective.

Digital Skills Series - Education proudly brought to you by Codemaster Institute and Endorsed by Curtin University.

This highly practical digital skills development series is designed for executives, technical and business professionals as well as students and new graduates who aim to be future entrepreneurs or digital innovators in major organisations or in the start-up sector.

Learn the core skills to future proof yourself:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Cloud Architecture & Cyber-Security
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Professional Skills & Industry Portfolio

Study 12 weeks part-time to complete the series, or enrol in each module individually. You will learn the core practical skills to build websites, implement these using popular cloud computing solution stacks, and manage Cyber-security functions. In addition, you will learn Python programming, and apply data analytics with machine learning models. You also have the option to improve your communication and interpersonal skills, with a focus on career acceleration and building portfolios. You will be an essential asset to building innovative digital businesses.

The complete Digital Skills Series consists of 4 modules awarding a Professional Certificate of Completion from Curtin University and Codemaster Institute in:

  1.  Web Design and Development
  2. Cloud Architecture & Cyber-Security
  3. Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  4. Professional Skills & Industry Portfolio
  5. Limited places available so secure your place.

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    2 sessions per week commencing 5 May 2020 for three weeks.

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