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Breakfast by the Bay: Ageing Better

What should we be doing and what should we expect government to do?

What are the ingredients of ageing better, for individuals and for society? Shedding light on these questions is important as the population of WA is becoming structurally older.

By 2060, it is predicted that 1 in 4 Australians will be aged over 65. There is also projected to be very high growth rates among Australia’s ‘oldest old’ and by 2060 there are projected to be 25 centenarians for every 100 children aged under 1. By 2100, the total number of ‘dependents’ in the population is projected to increase from 49 per 100 people of working age to 79.5 per 100 people of working age.
There are things that mostly lie in the domain of individuals that will affect how well they will manage their own ageing. For example, sufficient exercise and good nutrition in our 30s and 40s will play a large part in how we cope as we enter our 60s and 70s.

But there are also things that only governments can do that affect outcomes – such as the structure of healthcare arrangements which allows older people to access good quality care at the time they need it. And, of course, cultural factors also shape what we expect of individuals, families, communities and governments in response to the needs of older people.

Join us for a discussion on the particular challenges and how government, communities, non-profits, insurers and self-help groups are responding. This breakfast event features expertise from Dr Andrew Ford, a leading UWA authority on ageing, and a panel discussion featuring senior figures from government, health insurance and the healthcare sector.
Panel Includes:
  • Dr Andrew Ford 
    Senior Lecturer in Geriatric Psychiatry, UWA

  • Mr John Van Der Wielen
    Chief Executive Officer, HBF Health Ltd
  • Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Internal Medicine, UWA
  • Ms Jennifer Lawrence (Moderator)
    Chief Executive Officer, Brightwater Care Group
  • Luke Hays
    Department of Health

Price: Members $52.00 / Non Members $62.00 / Table of 10 $580.00

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    Wed 20 Nov | 7am - 9am 

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    35 Stirling Highway

    Crawley WA 6009

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