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Bogan Shakespeare Presents: King Lear

Bogan Shakespeare Presents: King Lear

Presented by BS Productions and STATE OF PLAY

The WA homegrown smash hit is back, bigger and better than ever!
We find our tale at Fremantle Cicerello’s. A cheeky fisherman’s basket is the order of the day but what might be found within that basket? A disingenuous bit of fried fish? A portion of selfish over salted chips? A scheming set of squid rings? A delicious crab stick… of murder! After working his whole life to build a fish and chip empire, King Lear seeks only what any of us would, a day off. He intends to retire and leave his empire to his daughters. But whom is best suited? Who is most deserving? Who has what it takes to stand strong against the threats that encircle the empire? Who can handle those god damn seagulls?
Attend a tale of schemes and subterfuge. Storms, swords and one guy getting his eyes fully gouged out. A tale that asks us “what does it mean to love?” Is it a culmination of connection, nourishment and support or is it something more ineffable? When we have nothing left to give, is it enough to simply… be there?
★★★★★ “This show is not only hilarious but also insanely clever." - Fringefeed
★★★★★ “A perennial Fringe World powerhouse." - Seesaw Mag