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An Evening with Peter Singer

An Evening with Peter Singer

Join us for a special evening in Perth as we welcome the acclaimed philosopher and bioethicist, Professor Peter Singer, to discuss his lifetime of work, including his latest book Animal Liberation Now.

Since the release of Animal Liberation in 1975, Singer has been a leading advocate for animal rights and has inspired a worldwide movement to eliminate cruelty towards nonhuman animals. In Animal Liberation Now, Singer revisits and updates his seminal work, exposing the realities of modern factory farming and product testing procedures, and offering alternatives to the environmental and social impacts of animal agriculture.

But Singer's work goes beyond animal rights. He is also a prominent figure in the effective altruism movement, advocating for individuals to use their resources to maximize their positive impact on the world. His other works include The Life You Can Save, which challenges readers to consider how they can best use their resources to alleviate global poverty, and Ethics in the Real World, a collection of essays covering a wide range of ethical issues.

Join us as we explore Singer's vast body of work, from animal liberation to effective altruism, and gain insights into some of the most pressing ethical issues of our time. This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in philosophy, ethics, and social justice.
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    21 July | 7pm

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    Perth Concert Hall

    5 St Georges Terrace

    Perth WA 6000

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