Whether you’re looking forward to finally returning to your university campus or you’re a fresher starting your first semester, you want to make sure you're buying unique, personalised and most importantly, durable items. ShuHui Yong from UWA has put together her must-haves for every university student this semester.

Must have: Bag

When it comes to bags, functionality, comfort and durability are the priorities for something you will be using daily. There are a few stores at the Watertown Brand Outlet that I recommend checking out: Bags To Go, where you can find protective padded Samsonite backpacks, City Beach (which can also be found in the Murray St Mall) and Converse, where you can find light, comfortable backpacks for $50 or less.

If you are looking for a bag that would last for years, Crumpler (Hay St Mall) is well known for producing a wide range of durable, heavy-duty bags. Designed in Australia and known as a global brand, their products are not only made of eco-friendly materials but are also versatile and designed for convenience.

Ladies, if backpacks aren’t your thing, tote bags are really popular too - not only are they stylish, they are also a perfect carry-all. The City Tote bag from Pigeonhole is my pick! With its simple design, it comes with two inside pockets for easy organisation, comfortable shoulder straps and waterproof fabric, making it a versatile, convenient and functional bag overall.

Plus check out David Jones or Myer for their range of brands - the Jay Double Handle Tote Bag by Tony Bianco caught my eye because of its versatility and elegance in addition to being very light.