I moved here for love, following my husband who had been travelling around the world because of work. Australia gave us the opportunity to stay all together as a family.

For eight years here in Australia, I have explored and am still discovering the beautiful city of Perth. My family and I are very excited to finally become Aussie citizens. There are so many emotions inside of us - happiness, freedom and lightness. After a lot sacrifices and renunciations, we can finally say “we made it!”

As a tour operator and lifestyle blog writer, I aim to promote mutual tourism about Italy and Western Australia, showcasing the City of Perth through my eyes, as a woman and as a mum. I also like to tell people about my beautiful region, Apulia.

Western Australia’s landscape is very similar to Apulia, which is strange I know but welcoming to see. I love Western Australia because it has beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and stunning green parks, even in the city. I love the respect that the Aussies have for nature. The contact with Mother Nature is constant and this is very important, especially for kids.