Mai at Halal Food Directory has put together a list of some of the Halal-suitable places to celebrate Muharram or experience this culturally significant time with friends and family. 

Halal - Arabic word that translates to "permissible or lawful".

What happens during Muharram?

Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is a time to reflect on the year ahead and the challenges to be put before us. Many people do this by attending the local Mosque, Mushallah or Prayer facility. 

Northbridge Mosque (427 William St, Perth) is the oldest and most established of Perth Mosques and is just a short stroll from the bustling Northbridge hub. There are facilities for wudhu and separate facilities for the men and women who attend. The Mosque is open for each Salah session through the day. 

Wudhu – preparation by cleansing with water required before prayer.

Salah – prayers, observed five times a day.

For those that want something in the heart of Perth then Perth City Mushallah manage prayer facilities throughout the city. Due to COVID restrictions the Murray Street location (Suite 3, 101 Murray St) is open only for Dhuhur and Asr Salah with a restriction of 40 people to each session. Important to note is that there are no wudhu facilities and people attending are asked to bring their own prayer mats. 

Asr Salah – the afternoon Islamic prayer.

Dhuhur – the midday Islamic prayer.

Where to dine for Muharram?

Chee Tayeb (353 Murray St) have established themselves over many years as the only Lebanese restaurant in Perth with traditional flavours and experience. Pierre and Joseph have recently changed their menu and in a Perth city first, you can now enjoy Halal meals slow-cooked over an open fire! Drawing even more on the spices from the Middle East, succulently wrapped in the smoky taste of open flames and smoke and served in a relaxing atmosphere by friendly staff. 

Muharram special – available 19 August to 16 September:

  • Option 1: 15% off charcoal plate 
  • Option 2: Buy one get one free manakeesh  
  • Option 3: Free drink with orders of more than $50  
  • Option 4: Purchase a $55 voucher which includes mezze or salad, a main course (excludes charcoal mix plate), one manakeesh, one dessert and a drink