Yasmine Yianni, Garum

How did you get into cooking?

YY: My love of cooking stems from my Greek Cypriot culture. Growing up in that culture, food becomes the centre of everything. My dad holds a big part of my inspiration in becoming a chef. He is an amazing cook! I love him for that! Also my Yiayia (grandmother) is a brilliant cook, her hands are gold! Some of my best memories as a kid was sitting on her marble bench top chopping parsley and coriander, and of course stirring anything with that century old wooden spoon. So you can say that ever since I was very young, I wanted to be a chef.

So grade 11 came and you needed to have a little idea about what you wanted to study, I obviously knew straight away, so grade 11 I did all of my work experience hours at May Street Larder in South Fremantle with Chef Scott Bridger, and then my pre-apprenticeship in grade 12 working a Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento with Chef Russel and Darren. After I finished grade 12 I moved onto my actual apprenticeship and I started at Ascua Restaurant with Chef Nick Treszie, and then just before I became a second year I started at Garum with Chef Mario Di Natale and now currently with Chef Stefano.

What would be your favourite dish to cook and why?

YY: At home we eat very middle eastern, Cypriot, with some Turkish influence. So I love cooking Cypriot food, couldn’t choose a favourite!

How do you spend your time before or after work?

YY: Definitely after a Thursday shift, some of us head down to a club called Butterfly 73 for their Latino night for a drink and dance. Otherwise love heading down to the beach before my shift so anywhere along the coast for coffee is always good.