The 15 volunteers guide the City in its growth as a diverse organisation representing all members of the community. 

Meeting on a regular basis, the group provides consultation, feedback and discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people in the City of Perth.

LGBTQIA+ Advisory Group member Kate (she/her) is a City of Perth resident and Senior Fire Engineer at Arup. 

Upon moving to Perth, Kate’s role was expanded to establish a Diversity and Inclusion committee for Arup Perth, where she led all inclusion portfolios. She is now looking to extend her influence beyond the workplace and is volunteering for the City of Perth’s LGBTQIA+ Advisory Group.

We sat down with Kate to learn more about her passion and drive for diversity, equity and inclusion:

Can you tell us about yourself?
I was born in Mianjin (Brisbane), Turrbal land and moved to the beautiful Boorloo (Perth) in 2016 where I now work, live and play. I am a child abuse survivor, domestic violence survivor, sexual assault survivor. I don’t let these things define me, but I have taken what I’ve learnt about being taken advantage of, mis-treated, gaslit, manipulated and turned these into strengths where I refuse to accept poor treatment of any person, nor myself. I am bold, outgoing, confident, plus-size, feminist, queer, polyamorous and not here to apologise for what I’ve been through or who I am. What I am here for is improving the society I live in, bringing joy into other people’s lives, and with as much love and support as I can gather around me.

What are your passions?
I am a queer feminist, and it would be disingenuous for me to pretend that anything was more important to me than that identity. I am passionate about advocacy, inclusion, acceptance, love, support, and vulnerability. I will always fight for those who have received less support, less access to equitable governance. Trans women are women. This land is not mine. My opportunities given have been because of my privilege as a white person, my education, my access to health, systems and connectivity. But my success is because I have fought to be seen and heard as a woman who is an engineer, because I didn’t listen to those who said my queerness was something private that I shouldn’t have brought into the workplace. Queer people and all marginalised people have been unsafe for too long and I want to help build a society where their dreams can be realised. As a person with immense privilege in our society, I feel a responsibility to honour our LGBQTIA+ elders’ work and pay it forward to the next generation.