Victoria Park



From February 11 at Crown, you can celebrate Lunar New Year by exploring the Zodiac Pillars, see the opening ceremony and check out ongoing lion dance performances. If you are looking for a meal to celebrate, Silks’ Lunar Banquet will provide you with an authentic dining experience, including a Prosperity Toss and a number of delicacies.


As Lunar New Year is seen as a season of giving and sharing, Sedap Place’s signature dishes are the perfect way to celebrate. Their Nasi Lemak 2 ‘Sedap’ 2 Share, which involves a selection of dishes (check out their Macha Curry Chicken which is cooked with 13 different authentic spice), is served up with a generous portion of fragrant coconut rice, house specialty sambal, signature Yummy Sauce, crispy fried anchovies, acar-acar, and peanuts.