Korean barbeque – or KBBQ – is the first thought for most people when it comes to Korean cuisine. While there is so much more to it, KBBQ does deserve a special spotlight. There is something you can't beat when it comes to firing up the grill with your mates and marinated meat sets all paired with tons of side dishes (known as 'banchan'). Palsaik Namoo has a pork belly range that only dreams are made of, there's eight different types of marinades to suit every taste at the table and just as many options when it comes to their Korean fried chicken flavours. In Northbridge you'll find K-Town, a cosy spot that is perfect for your group catch ups. Along with all the usual suspects at KBBQ, you'll also find traditional dishes like Japchae and Korean style pancakes. Get ready for a foodie feast. 

Popo Lee is a Korean late-night bar and restaurant where you’ll be able to tuck into all your street food favourites. For those who haven’t tried a k-dog before, it’s time to change that. These hot dogs are deep fried in sweet flour batter, dusted with sugar along with mustard and tomato sauce. Choose from original sausage, mozzarella or if you’re undecided – half and half is the best of both worlds. Try some Korean stew (Jjigae) or the iconic spicy rice cake dish known as 'Tteokbokki', and ordering a few bottles of soju is a must. In Korean culture, you pour for your friends first so gather the gang and bottoms up!