The true heroes of Mexican cuisine though, are beans and corn. Black beans feature in everything from Chilli Con Carne, to Mole and corn hides in just about everything, from corn tortillas, to tortilla soup. While the west is well versed in nachos, tacos and burritos, there are actually six Mexican regions of traditional food that all vary significantly. In the north, goat, ostrich and beef are the protein staples, while the Yucatan favours sweeter, less spicy food compared to Oaxaca’s savoury tamales and mole sauces.

Whether you’re craving a simple burrito, or an authentic food tour of Mexico, below you’ll find the best spots in Perth City to explore all of the above.

Mad Mex

Hay St and St Georges Tce, CBD

Yes, it’s a Mexican food chain, but with a slightly different offering. Mad Mex are a more health focused takeaway joint, with a mission to supply their customers with a super-fast meal that they can trust is genuinely healthy. They even have a nutritional calculator so you can check on how nutritious it is, if math's if your thing. Claiming to have the best Baja-style burrito this style of the pacific, theirs comes with brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and your choice of meat, tofu or vegetables; making it a quick complete-protein meal for vegetarians or plant-based eaters.