So the saying goes and here’s your chance to give the best gift of all – an experience that is going to give your loved one some truly great stories to tell about exquisite pampering, crime most heinous or the great new friends they made in a whiskey den in the walking tour of the city.

Crimes of Perth Walking Tour

What a great gift for lovers of the intriguing, curious and slightly sinister. This two hour outing covers a lot of ground from colonial executions to corporate crimes in the ‘80s, brothels and opium dens and a good sprinkling of murders, assassinations and executions in between. And after hearing about all that angst, there’s a cold beer at the end to wash it down. So much dark entertainment on this Crimes of Perth Walking Tour for just $45.00

Spa at Bodhi J

Massages, facials, spas and steam rooms; nothing beats a pamper package from a spa as a Christmas gift and Bodhi J Spa has two city locations; one tucked away in the garden at 317 Pier Street and another in the Westin Hotel, 480 Hay Street. They are award winning wellness retreats, customers describing them as a treat for the senses, delightful, relaxing, and rejuvenating beyond words. And don’t assume it’s all about women; the Bodhi Man menu ensures there’s a gift treatment suitable for pampering him too.