Luckily for those who need a bit of motivating, there are heaps of places in Perth that combine fitness with fun, so you can get your sweat on without even realising you’re exercising. Here are some of our favourite fun exercise options in Perth city.

S30, Perth

Imagine if someone merged exercise with hip hop beats, so that your workout didn’t even feel lie a workout at all, but more of a fun dance party. Well wonder now more because that’s exactly what you’ll find at S30 on Hay Street. Its a group weight training studio inspired by hip hop and r’n’b, in an underground nightclub-esque setting. Each class is 45 minutes, with 30 sets across 18 stations led by three personal trainers. The music and overall vibes of this studio will guarantee you feel inspired and motivated the whole way through your sweat sesh.

Waterbikes, Swan River

Riding bike along the cycle paths of the Swan River is beautiful, but what's even better is riding a bike on the actual river itself. Cue Waterbikes, a cross between a bike and boat that lets you glide along the water whilst getting in a solid workout. There are several operators perched along the river that hire out waterbikes for you to go for a glide along the water, that have various options depending on how hard or easy you’d like your ride to be. We know what your thinking though - is it safe? Yes waterbikes are actually incredible stable and don’t require huge amounts of fitness to use. They have adjustable handlebars and seat heights, and safe catamaran configuration to make sure you don’t tip over.