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Pretzel Perth Galaxy Flavour

Finding the best dessert in Perth


Finding the best dessert in Perth

Pretzel Perth Galaxy Flavour

Pretzel Perth

Pick up a tasty giant pretzel in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre from Pretzel Northbridge. These delicious snacks are savoury and sweet! Flavours include the classic cinnamon, Nutella, coconut fluff, cookies & cream, peanut butter & oreo and salted caramel. 

A slice (or slab) of Honeycake

Honeycake has taken Perth by storm with four stores in total, with two locations conveniently in the City, one at the State Buildings and one at Yagan Square. This epic cake is a delicious combination of honey flavoured layers, smooth milky caramel and fresh ground walnuts. There’s even a honeycake ice cream if you’re looking for the best of both worlds.

Vegan treats at Flora & Fauna

Did you know that there is an entire fridge dedicated to vegan treats at Flora & Fauna? Expect to find an everchanging supply of slices, cupcakes, raw balls, brownies, cakes and more. 

The Nutella Cronut sandwich at Whisk Creamery

We’re talking fresh Italian hazelnut gelato, a flakey cronut and fresh whipped cream from your beloved Whisk Creamery! They say a picture says a thousand words. Run, don’t walk.

Fried Banana Roti at Long Chim

Most people know roti as an Indian savoury flatbread to mop up curries, but in Thailand it is often served as a sweet pastry. Closer to home, you can get a Fried Banana Roti at Long Chim, which is so popular it has its own topic thread on TripAdvisor.

A scoop of gelato from Chicho Gelato

These guys know gelato and boy do they do it well. Chicho Gelato's cute gelataria located on William Street will have 20 flavours on rotation at any given time, all churned daily, all made with the freshest ingredients. On top of that there’s limited edition desserts baked in-store, a never-ending rollercoaster of flavour collaborations and the miracle of a free-flowing chocolate tap. 

The Fluffy Cloud from Nobibi 

Nobibi is a bit of a secret still here in Perth, it’s an Instagrammers dream with an incredible offering, with the real highlight being the Fluffy Cloud. We’re talking Hokkaido milk soft serve lovingly wrapped in pink fairy floss, topped with marshmallows and more! 

S’mores waffle at Superstar Waffles

Tucked away in William Street Arcade, follow the smell of waffles down to Superstar Waffles. One of the all-time favourites here is the S’more edition. Made fresh to order, this absolute treat features homemade marshmallow fluff and plenty of Nutella.

San Churros 

You can’t go past a warm, tasty churro from San Churro. They are made to order based off an authentic Spanish recipe. Crispy and golden, dusted in cinnamon or icing sugar and you can even fill it! San Churro has also recently introduced ruby chocolate to its extensive line up.

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

You’ve probably heard all about these cheese tarts that have people queueing for miles! Well they’re now available along Barrack Street, and thankfully the lines have started to drop off. Get down and try out one of these amazing tarts, a combination of a crunchy shortcrust base with a creamy cheesecake filling. 

Need more food inspo? Check out our blog on the insider’s guide to dining in Perth featuring some of Perth’s tastiest new eats. 

  • 02 Apr '19