Sweet-tooth sweethearts

For the sweet tooth lovers, why not have a three course dessert for dinner? Firstly, enjoy some chocolate fondue and churros at San Churros in Subiaco, then indulge in Belgium waffles for mains at Pitcher and Iron and finish with a cheeky ice cream creation at Whisk Creamery

Competitive couples

If you're that kind of couple that just can't help competing with one another, why not put it all on the line with a fun fitness class. From hip hop gym sessions, pilates and axe throwing, you can show off and hopefully impress your partner whilst working out. Tip: keep the theme going with brunch at Health Freak Cafe (painfully located at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder...). Or work together against the clock to get out of an escape room at Escape This Perth.

Live music lovers

If live music is more your thing, then why not hit The Ellington Jazz Club on Beaufort Street for fine tunes and fabulous local talent. Paired with a romantic dinner at Perth’s best French restaurant – P’tite Ardoise Bistro – you and your loved one will feel like you are right there in the heart of Europe’s city of love.