Here are six tours operating in Perth offering immersive experiences, walking tours or taste sensations.

Crystal Swan Boat Cruise

Serving up an immersive experience of storytelling and cuisine, the Crystal Swan cultural cruises combine the authentic cultural stories of Traditional Owners with ‘bush tucker’ by native produce caterer RiverMint dining.

Feast on West Australian seafood, game and produce supplied locally and from wild harvesters.

The Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) holds significance for the Whadjuk Nyoongar people as the main conduit between the inland plains and the Indian Ocean.

Self-guided walking tours 

Soak in the city’s culture at your own pace with self-guided walking tours to discover the connection Aboriginal people have with the city. 

The Karla Yarning Aboriginal heritage maps allow people to discover the connection Aboriginal people have with the city.

Download the maps to embark on a journey to discover and learn the importance Aboriginal heritage holds in the history of our city. The walks take approximately 1.5 hours each. 

Yagan Square Tours

Aboriginal culture is a key part of the identity of the Yagan Square, from the wildflower garden to the Aboriginal dancing that occurs every Friday.

Each of the square’s elements is conceived in reference to the history of the area, starting with its name, which gives recognition to a significant Nyoongar leader named Yagan.

Yagan Square features the Wirin statue that embodies the spirit and culture of the Nyoongar people. ‘Wirin’ is the Nyoongar word for spirit and represents the eternal sacred force of creative power that connects all life of boodja (Mother Earth).

The meandering shape of the square’s canopy takes its form from the lakes that were in the area before urbanisation. 

In addition, the Digital Tower is constructed to look like the reeds found around the lakes. Fourteen reeds in total represent the fourteen Noongar language groups indigenous to the area.