"The inherent understanding of what 3 seconds really feels like."

- Jess Anstiss

 "The struggle of going to the toilet in your body suit."

- Alice Teague-Neeld

 "If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late don’t bother coming."

- Kaylia Stanton

"Long nice nails and netball do not mix."

- Courtney Bruce

 "June long weekend is never time to get away. It's a weekend filled with netball."

- Ingrid Colyer

"Having short nails all winter - either nicely cut or frantically chewed off the morning of your game."

- Olivia Lewis

 "A new grazed knee each week."

- Shannon Eagland

 "Ankle ligaments are for babies."

- Stacey Francis

 "That netball really isn’t  a non-contact game."

- Verity Charles

 "The Ball is always a size 5."

- Jhaniele Fowler